Sunday, 10 February 2019

Are you a self taught artist?

We are looking for artists to join our Artists’ collective.

Myself and the artist known as JED have for a while been looking to set up an artist collective for artists who are self taught, having had no formal art education.

Our idea is initially to use the collective to promote the work of the member artists. Firstly on the internet and then progressing in whatever direction that the membership decide. We currently have very few rules and would quite like to keep it that way. We realise that it will take a little while to become established and that having members is key to this. We have to start somewhere and here's a chance to be part of something from the beginning.

When we asked for members before we seemed to get a few people contact us that wanted it handed to them on a plate. We intend to be a collective. No leaders, no one in charge. Just something organic that is driven by its members.

If you'd like to be part of a group that wants to give exposure to its artist members then please make contact. Presently there are no membership fees. That would only change if the members wanted it to happen.

We'd love to hear from artists who want to be part of something democratic and forward looking and where your ideas matter. Please make contact.

This is not about instant fame. It’s about building something sustainable that will promote our work long term.

Please share.

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