Sunday 8 February 2009

Nothing left

Socialism isn't dead it's just resting a bit, and I am convinced that one day it will make an impressive come back. After all, the basic principles are pretty sound. If you truly understand what socialism is about you can't fail to want to embrace it, unless you are a totally heartless and greedy bastard. There is a no more equitable system than a true socialist path. I believe in, what Billy Bragg once sang about “a socialism of the heart". That's not to say that my head doesn't have an influence. But if you are not a compassionate and caring individual who has a love for humankind you are not likely to become or even expound socialist ideas and principles.

Thatcher thought she presided over the eradication of the socialist left, perhaps she did, and perhaps that was no bad thing, but the ideals of socialism live on. I feel that the time has come, for those of us that have kept the faith, to remind people about how good it could be. Now I know that some souls will have been plugging away with the same message for years, but nothing is constant and many of the ideas of the left that seemed appropriate or fashionable in the twentieth century probably won't be applicable today. If lasting socialist inspired governments are to be established a new way of communicating is needed.

The current economic turmoil that the western world finds itself in along with the impending ecological doom that will surely turn the world upside down and offer a perfect base to start building a new socialist future.