Sunday 27 November 2022

Migration is a human right

Humans like other animals have always migrated. Countries are meaningless. They are artifice. Countries exist to oppress. They help the rich and powerful to maintain the status quo.

Having said that, I fully accept the need for a collective to organise themselves to provide Maslow’s principles for one and all, within that collective. But collectives and their location should always have a degree of fluidity. Nothing is set in stone.

Borders are a nonsense; 'Controlling borders' is never going to be truly successful, and in the future it will just become impossible. Because of the climate catastrophe that we have helped to create, environmentally and economically, people will find it intolerable to stay where they are in some parts of the world. Mass migration will be the result of centuries of imperialism. Centuries of ‘the west’ exploiting and oppressing others around the world and plundering natural resources. We should welcome migrants, try to improve the world and tax the rich out of existence. We can provide for all, we just have to eradicate hate.

One world. One love.

Thursday 24 November 2022

RIP Wilko Johnson

 I was very sad to learn yesterday that Wilko Johnson had died. He was truly a one-off. There was nobody else like him. He was a great songwriter and a truly mesmerising performer. It's a great shame.