Wednesday 14 June 2023

The ambient somnambulist

In twilight's embrace, a figure roams, An ethereal presence, in the silent homes. The Ambient Somnambulist, a nocturnal sprite, Awakening in slumber, to wander through the night.

In moonlit realms, where shadows dance and play, This mystic wanderer treads an unseen way. Through hushed abodes and dreams so deep, They tiptoe softly, where secrets often seep.

A ghostly silhouette, shrouded in veils, Their footsteps whisper like elusive tales. Unbound by time, they traverse each room, Where night's embrace envelops like a tomb.

With half-closed eyes, they move with grace, Exploring realms, both known and outer space. They drift through realms of forgotten thought, In twilight's depths, where the truth is sought.

Their presence stirs the dormant minds, A muse for dreamers, the creative kind. For in their wake, inspiration blooms, As poets find solace in their moonlit rooms.

The Ambient Somnambulist, forever in flight, Embracing the darkness, seeking inner light. They carry the dreams of a slumbering world, In whispers and echoes, their essence unfurled. So let us marvel at their nocturnal quest, For they are the messengers, divinely blessed. Awakening dormant thoughts, they gently persist, The Ambient Somnambulist, the dreamer's tryst.

In the tapestry of night, they find their way, Guided by stars that adorn the astral fray. The Ambient Somnambulist, a guardian of dreams, In their ethereal dance, reality redeems.

So as the night unfolds its veiled design, Embrace the wonder of this realm, so fine. And know that in slumber's enchanting thrall, The Ambient Somnambulist awaits your call.

A poem and picture created entirely by AI apart from the title, which was by me.


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