Tuesday 9 April 2019

If you fear socialism…

...you don’t really understand it.

I’ve been a socialist all my adult life. For me socialism is the purest form of democracy that any group of people, any collective can have. It is the most equitable form of government you can have.

Just recently the label ‘Marxist’ has been used when referring to Jeremy Corbyn as if it were an insult. The thing is that there is nothing insulting about being a Marxist. I don’t claim to be over knowledgeable about politics but I like to think I know quite a bit more about it than the average person on the Clapham Omnibus.If only we didn’t have a politically illiterate electorate.

To help people out a nice person tweeted a link to a website that houses an explanation of Marxism in 800 words. I read it and thought, ‘yep that pretty much is how I understand it’.

A word of warning if you trot out some tired, worn out old cliche about Socialism and/or Marxism having something to do with deformed one-party states then you’re a complete knob who probably knows fuck all about politics and have no doubt found yourself agreeing with headlines in The Daily Mail (the paper that supported Hitler) on more than one occasion. So do yourself a favour. Educate yourself.


  1. Raab is surely just another disingenuous Tory button pusher, who's pitifully limited portfolio includes how to exploit a woeful main stream media. Maybe, of far greater concern is the fact that our media- including the BBC and the Guardian- now routinely reports the use of key words, without so much as a challenge or clarification? So 'Marxist' becomes just another handy pick-and-mix insult or subterfuge, with tens of thousands of idiots being completely unaware as to the meaning of their own ignorantly-elected words.

    Environmentally thinking, and often more apt, 'developer' could be considered a more valid insult. It's a blatant theft of language.

  2. Many thanks. I will mull it over. See how I feel about it in a day or two. If you feel it it's real so they say.

  3. Sorry Paul, are your two comments in response to my comment?

    In conclusion I am contesting that the MSM is too often, and without challenge, enabling our language to be corrupted and certain words to be misused in a quite Orwellian fashion.

  4. Thank you for the clarification. I agree on the Orwellian comment.