Saturday 25 February 2012

Portrait of an artist as a young man

As a young man I had ambitions to be an artist. A visual artist that is. I’ve always been creative, and always felt comfortable expressing my thoughts in a visual format. I considered going to Art College when at school, and then a little later after I’d been at work for a few years. But basically I chickened out on both occasions. I have No regrets about those decisions as I’m not convinced that I would have been happy. One of my concerns has always been prostituting myself, and my art. I’ve never wanted to sell anything that I’ve produced. I’ve always liked the idea of mass producing images and got quite excited when the plain paper copier became readily available. It started me down the road of producing black and white images for repetition. I also had a little bit of success providing images for indie music labels. But life got in the way and I stopped making pictures of any sort. I’ve had one or two false starts in the intervening years but never managed to sustain anything. I’ve recently started again. Only time will tell if I keep it up but I feel a lot more confident. Digital technology helps. In fact it helps a great deal as I now feel that the technology has finally caught up with where I want to be and how I want to express myself. Watch this space.

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