Mind your language!

An ass is a donkey. It is not an arse. Arse is arse.

Can I get
The correct way to ask for something from a person that is going to serve you is "please could I have?" or "please may I have?". It is not "Can I get?”

"I've never understood why cockerney chappies and esterwy speaking types have problems with the letter aitch!" - Milford Crabtree

What is it about the pronunciation of the letter 'h' that so many people have a problem with?

Those that struggle with this most passive of letters are invariably Neanderthals from way down the food chain. They will be aficionados of soap operas and reality television. They will follow celebrities and football. They will binge drink on alco-pops, lager, vodka or wine. They will repeat 'in it' and 'like' ad infinitum. They say 'arks' when what they really mean is 'ask'. As if all of that wasn't bad enough they will always leave the aitch off every word that starts with an aitch, and then ironically put one at the beginning of aitch to pronounce the imaginary 'Haitch'.

The abbreviation for number is Nº it is not a hash (#)

'Okay' is okay but 'Ok' is not

The term 'suck' or sucks' can be applied to vacuum cleaners and toothless hags but not to express a dislike of something.


Exit does not contain a G

Luxury is pronounced luck-sure-ry and not lug-zjury.

Mall is pronounced m-al and not maul.

Scone is pronounced sc-on and not sc-own.

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