Saturday 9 March 2013

Dear Diary Nº5

Dear Diary, woe is me. Yesterday I had the wind taken out of my sails. I received a phone call just after five from the diabetic nurse at my doctor’s surgery. She had the results of a recent blood test. Back in July I was diagnosed with Impaired Glucose Tolerance so this was a follow up test to gauge how I was doing. My red blood cell glucose level were down and into the okay but my fasting level was no different from the time before and still too high. I felt gutted. I’d vastly improved my diet, I get regular exercise, I’ve lost weight even though my body mass index is low and I had cut down on my alcohol intake. I feel hungry most of the time and now felt totally despondent. Oh Dear Diary what am I to do?

After a healthy evening meal and a couple of glasses of wine I decided to sleep on it.

And, Dear Diary I can confide in you that it was the right thing to do as this morning I’ve awoken refreshed and determined to do something about it. As you know one of my passions is ale. Think I need to cut down on my passion even more. I’m starting to think the unthinkable. Not give it up completely. I’m not that deranged. The unthinkable is ordering halves instead of pints. My strategy will be to order a half pint of ale and a glass of sparkling mineral water. A tad girly you might think but not as girly as just ordering a half pint of ale in my humble opinion. But Dear Diary I feel this, though it will help, will not be enough. A bit more vigorous exercise is needed. My sedentary job doesn’t help. Whilst every day between home and station and work and station I walk most of my working day sees me sat sitting at my desk. I need to be up and down more. I need to drink more water. And, I need at least one long power walk at the weekend. Wish me luck. I have to beat this.



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