Thursday 24 October 2013

The cross of St George

Flag waving and patriotism is the territory of evil manipulators, the gullible and the lazy of mind (those that can only think in black and white); all very worrying really. And, whilst I have no wish to make light of xenophobia, it never fails to amuse me when these lower life forms use the ‘English’ flag. The cross of St George is held up as something that epitomises pure ‘Englishness’; a badge of honour for patriotic Neanderthals.

Of course we know what bollocks it all is, and that it’s funny for so many reasons, but one very good reason why the joke is on the English nationalists is because St George (if he really existed) was from the far east and probably never came anywhere near to these islands. How English is that?

It would appear that St George came from around the Turkey/Lebanon/Syria/Palestine area:

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  1. I'm an English nationalist and I don't care what colour St George was or where he came from, or even whether he existed. It's just a myth that embodies some values.

    It's not news that St George is a foreigner, it's always been known. It doesn't matter to most English nationalists. There is a small contingent who would like to return to a 'true English' patron saint like Edmund. These are the 'English nationalists' of the British National Party who wave those English dragon flags (a flag that embodies nothing but ethnic purity) instead of the Cross of Saint George.