Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What’s black and white but read all over?

I have a companion site to this blog: . It’s a sort of extra resource that I use when I want to expand on things I blog about. The biggest search term, by a long chalk, for is ‘nothing is ever black and white’. I get hits daily from all around the world. Presumably it strikes a chord. Perhaps it should be the mission statement of the progressive pedant.

People have always craved easy and simplistic answers. It’s why we have religion and why politics is so often reduced to meaningless sound bites and slogans. Sadly too many people seem unable to cope with questions that don’t have easy answers, or horrors of horrors don’t have any answers currently available. The mind of the lazy thinker abhors a vacuum; so when an easy answer is missing one is made up, or sort from a convenient charlatan.

I’m a firm believer that nothing is ever black and white. Nothing is ever that simple. Scratch below the surface and you will always find a multi-coloured myriad of meanings, causes, reasons and answers for what, why are where for. Through my art I endeavour to interpret and convey this philosophy. If you think like me please help spread the word: ‘nothing is ever black and white’.


Please help
Using a linoprint that I made in 1980 I’ve produced an A4 poster to publicise my work and my philosophy. It’s free to anyone who wishes to print it off. Please print it off, hand a copy to your friends pin it to noticeboards you have access to and generally bandy it about (use your imagination, nudge, nudge, wink, wink). If you have a website and feel able please put a link on it please do so. Like my Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter.

Please mention me/my work to anyone and everyone if you so feel able. I need champions. Please help an artist in need. Thank you. Life is a rainbow.