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My art
For my sins I create. If you’d like to see some examples of my art please visit: and

A bit about my Twittering
My name is Paul Garrard and I tweet under the name of @PGarrard. But you probably already know that as the chances are that you've arrived here from my link on Twitter. I'm a lad from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk now living in Norwich, Norfolk. My tweets are sometimes surreal, sometimes pedantic and I'm consistently inconsistent. I have a sense of humour so don't always take me too seriously; sadly my irony is lost on some people. An RT does not necessarily signify an endorsement.

Things I tend to tweet about
Anything and everything basically, apart from what I might arrogantly and disparagingly refer to as 'pleb culture'; I'm sure you know the sort of thing, 'celebrity', naff telly programmes and sport to name but a few. I am particularly interested in: politics, visual arts, music, poetry, comedy, theatre, pubs, real ale, food, equality, peace, travel, Norwich, general philosophy and the meaning of life.

DMs and other messaging
Please feel free to DM or message me on any subject that you like. Unless you're a bigot you can't offend me. If I chat with you it doesn't mean that I fancy you!

I dislike
Injustice, discrimination, inequality, Americanisms (but not Americans or American culture), sport, lager, the afore mentioned 'pleb culture', radio phone-ins and anyone who doesn't assume secularism to be society's default position.

My following policy

I follow people that I think will have something interesting to say. I try to follow everyone who follows me if I think they follow me for, that intangible, 'the right reasons'. I will not follow you if you are peddling get rich quick dreams, sex, mumbo jumbo or fundamentalist nonsense. I might not follow you if you don't display a photo of some sort on Twitter. If I don't follow you and you think you might have fallen through the net please let me know.

I don't - it's pointless!

#Hashtag games
I don't - they are juvenile and tedious - I may unfollow you if you do too much of it!

I have two main ones. The first is Of-Course which like Twitter deals with anything and everything. The second is The art of being Paul Garrard which a bit of a gallery of some of my art. I'm not the world's most prolific blogger!


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