Thursday 8 April 2010

Blue Meanies

Why on earth do people vote Tory?

I suppose that if you are rich (whatever that might mean) then you will driven to do so by greed. But if you are part of the hard working ordinary folk on average incomes that make up the majority is it really in your or societies interest to vote for them?

I suppose if you are sold on what you see as some kind of intellectual argument in favour of free market economics then that is excusable and I would respect anyone for taking that stance even though I totally disagree with them. But how many rank and file Tory voters are well steeped in the ideological nuances of the black art that is capitalism? Not many I suspect. Rightly or wrongly my gut feeling is that many vote for the Tories based on some misguided philosophy derived from gutter press headlines in the Sun, the Express and the Doily Mail.

If we let the Tories in now they will fuck up the economy and they will shit on all but their non dom benefactors. Britain beware, the Blue Meanies are coming to get you, and if they do it won’t be pleasant. You have been warned.

Vote Labour on 6th May and keep the Blue Meanies at bay!

David Cameron on a good day

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