Thursday 10 February 2011

Language again

In my previous post about multiculturalism I indicated that I didn’t really accept that there was such a thing as Britishness. But if I was forced to name one thing that defines us it would be our language. Unfortunately this point would just be lost on the ‘little Englander’ types that complain about their perceived loss of a British identity. Our language is the one thing that truly identifies us as a nation.

The great thing about English is that it is diverse and dynamic. As it evolves it absorbs from those that use it. There are regional differences, but those differences should be enjoyed and celebrated, they are what make our language rich and interesting. It is one thing to have a dynamic language that is influenced by its users; it’s a totally different kettle of fish to have your language replaced by cultural imperialism. Unfortunately the latter seems to be taking place, and it’s happening with the tacit acceptance of its ‘owners’. Laziness will hasten the extinction of the English language.

Contrary to popular belief, particularly amongst themselves, Americans do not speak English. They speak American. Through cultural bullying, American has taken hold in these islands like a cancerous growth. English is the red squirrel of the language world. Being the grumpy old sod that I am, I am easy irritated by those simpletons that have become brainwashed by the American culture machine. Thankfully I’m not a violent man, but if I was I would continually want to punch people that used Americanisms. You know what sort of morons they are. They are the sort that pronounce schedule as sked-jewel rather than shed-yule. The sort that write’#’ (hash) instead of ‘Nº’. And, the sort that will use ‘asshole’, ‘butt’ and ‘can I get’ instead of ‘arsehole’, ‘arse (or bum)’ and ‘please could I have’. I’m sure that you know the sort of low-life I’m talking about. If David Cameron is so fucking concerned about multiculturalism perhaps his government should pass a law requiring all American films and television programmes (note the spelling) to be screened in this country with English subtitles or dubbed into English. Unlikely to happen of course, given that we are the lap-dogs of the USA.

Does it matter?
In the great scheme of things I don’t suppose it really does. Life goes on. Perhaps we should just learn to love Big Brother. That’s Big Brother as an Orwellian reference rather than a suggestion to admire rubbishy televisual dross.

Unfortunately my dislike of American cultural fascism gets the better of me from time to time and I tease or taunt the odd American speaker on the interweb. I shouldn’t do it I know. It’s a fact I’m not proud of. It’s not big and it’s not clever, but sometimes it can be a lot of fun.

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