Monday 1 August 2011

When to drink tea or coffee

There are rules in life that dictate how you behave in certain circumstances or the way you conduct yourself. These rules are unwritten. You either instinctively know what they are or you don’t. They are based on logic. Those of us that know appear to be in the minority. Many, many people struggle with this logic. Get a grip you lot! 
Being the public minded citizen that I am I from time to time impart this crucial information via this blog. Today’s public service announcement is about when to drink tea or coffee:

  • First drink of the day – this should be tea. No compromises here, tea and only tea. Ideally two cups before any other drink is even considered.
  • Breakfast – it is acceptable to drink coffee
  • Mid-morning – coffee
  • Lunch – coffee, unless you are having fish ‘n chips when it should be tea, or when having a pub lunch
  • After lunch – it’s perfectly acceptable to have a coffee after you lunch as long as it remains within the immediate post-lunch time frame
  • Mid-afternoon – tea only. Coffee at this point would be a faux pas extraordinaire!
  • Dinner – I would only ever recommend beer or a soft drink unless, again, you are having fish ‘n chips.
  • After dinner – coffee would always be the first choice
  • The rest of the evening/night – tea
  • Supper – tea, a mug of cocoa or camomile
  • If in doubt you should always drink tea as this is the default beverage
  • At any point in the day tea or coffee can be replaced by alcohol (yes I have had beer for breakfast!). The one exception is the first drink of the day which, just to recap, must be tea.
  • From lunchtime onwards it is perfectly acceptable to drink soft drinks. Fruit juice as an addition is perfectly acceptable at breakfast but does not replace coffee or tea at that meal.

There you have it an essential guide to help you keep on the straight and narrow. How have you ever managed without it?

1 comment:

  1. Tea all the time for me, any time.

    I do drink the occasional coffee, but it has to be filter-made, and black.