Saturday 8 October 2011

Ham sandwich rules

Your common or garden ham sandwich is a tricky blighter. I’m sure many of you have lost countless hours of sleep worry over the correct condiment to apply to this humble pork based snack, not wishing to show your ignorance and become a social pariah. Well folks help is at hand. I can reveal the answers to the ham sandwich vis a vis condiment conundrum. There are really only two condiments that should ever be applied to the ham sandwich; they are mustard and piccalilli. Obviously not applied together as that would be just plain silly, either/or.

Interestingly if you were to deconstruct the ham sandwich and eat it as ham on a plate with bread and butter the only legitimate condiment would be brown sauce. The same obviously applies to ham, egg and chips; brown sauce and brown sauce only. Hope that’s clear.


  1. What about all the other good things going for a ham sandwich, like all the salady stuff, and yes, mustard,(has to be grainy for me), would be rude not to.

  2. If you put salad in it then it becomes a 'ham salad sandwich' therefore the rule no longer applies.

  3. The mustard should only be Colman's English. Fact.