Saturday 24 May 2014

Ex Libris

On another positive note I’ve started to read again. It’s mostly poetry and books of essays etc. Short reads. But it’s a start. It feels good.

I’ve returned to borrowing books from the library. I’d forgotten how I like the serendipitous nature of, what I imagine to be, other peoples bookmarks that one comes across from time to time in library books. On borrowing books from our library one gets a printed receipt. It contains the book title and the date it is due back. I tend to use these receipts as my bookmark and it seems that others do too judging by how often I find them tucked in books. It’s wonderful seeing what, often incongruous selections people have made; a bit like looking in other people’s trolleys at supermarkets and contemplating their lifestyles.

I currently have on loan an interesting book which is predominantly about the R&B music scene on the legendary Eel Pie Island, a collection of essays entitled, The British Beat Explosion/Rock ‘N’ Roll Island. It’s a damned fine read, I’d recommend it. In it I found the receipt below:

What kind of person reads stuff about Mexican drug cartels, British R&B and Chas & Dave? I’d love to meet such a person. Perhaps only once. But they are intriguing indeed!


  1. "What kind of person reads stuff about Mexican drug cartels, British R&B and Chas & Dave?"

    Probably someone who REALLY likes to party... but wants to fully be aware of the risks.

    According to (most) international authorities, Antarctica is the only place the cartels don't have influence. Even in my little town in Indiana, they maintain considerable activities.

    Switching subjects, it is my not-so-humble opinion that literature is mankind's most unique achievement; no other animal can write.

    Actually, I should probably start reading more myself. Already have a few books I want to seek out at my own local library. Thanks for reminding me, Paul.

    Oh, and I'm going to learn more about Eel Pie Island, too. Thanks for that, as well.

  2. Eel Pie is worth investigating