Thursday 22 May 2014

For all we know...


A favourite of the late, great Ray Moore.


  1. This song summons so many feelings in me; some good, some bad.

    There are those out there that tomorrow won't come for. Could we be one of them? Guess we'll find out in the morning.

    Regardless of that, thanks for posting this, Paul.

  2. Thank you again my anonymous correspondent (from Indiana?). We will all have our tomorrow that never comes. Some sooner than others.

  3. Figured you'd learn that sooner or later. Anonymity isn't so much of a thing anymore...

    Probably time I make a blog of my own as well; the anon card is getting stale. Yours is one of several I frequent, and you've probably guessed I'm quite the opinionated bag of hot air. Naturally, these two factors could very well benefit blogging.

    I'm in the middle of a transition in my own life, but I should be in a stable enough place to do so soon. I'll be sure to keep in touch when I do.

  4. I've known about your general location for a while but didn't like to say. Opinions are fine as long as debate is allowed. Transition takes it out of one. I hope you find a suitable harbour to moor in soon. If you do start a blog be sure to let me know please. I muchly enjoy your comments.