Friday 9 January 2015

Boredom boredom uh hum, bur dum bur dum

Being bored shows a lack of imagination. If you are bored then you are clearly not capable of thinking. Boredom is a lazy state of mind.


  1. A little harsh, and I'm not sure if I fully agree, but you make a good point none the less.

    Personally, I've only ever found myself 'bored' when I'm placed in a situation that prevents me from performing any of those actions you listed. Typically, though, this only occurs at work. Specifically at workplaces that champion dull florescent lighting and monotone gray-based interior color schemes.

    But I think you did touch on something, Paul. I've noticed that the declaration of "I'm bored" only ever increased the boredom. That proves to me, that boredom is something that must be mentally resisted, otherwise it just worsens.

    Also, there's another point I'd like to bring up. This is, and likely will remain, the only time someone's ever advised me to either go wank or fuck off in a positive context. Not quite sure if I should thank you for that, but I'll do it anyway.

    Thanks for the advice, Paul.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Please feel free to use/distribute the picture above.