Thursday 9 July 2009


I have never really been one for partaking in any sport for the purposes of enjoyment, apart from badminton which was okay when I played with friends just as a knock-about sport. To me sport is something that gives you exercise and is not done for any enjoyment. At school (many many moons ago) I would try and avoid team games. I hate team games and have had nothing to do with them since leaving school. Today most of my exercise is derived from walking, which is far and beyond the most sensible way to retain a modicum of fitness.

There you have it, playing team games and sport in general is basically a shit thing to do. It’s Neanderthal activity for those that are too half-witted to partake in the arts. Given that playing sport is the lowest of the low what does that make those poor lost souls that want to watch it?
I have never been able to fathom out why anyone would want to watch sport of any kind. What can people possibly gain from it? Personally I’d rather watch paint dry than watch sport. Having to suffer 90+ minutes viewing of 22 overpaid lower life forms dragging their knuckles around a football pitch is my idea of hell. Hell comes in many forms, this week it is cricket, last week it was tennis, next week it will be something equally boring. What is the point of it all?

When I’m being entertained, I want to be challenged, amazed and/or amused. I have no wish to sit like a vegetable gawping at boasters of physical prowess. As if watching sport is not bad enough some people actual pay good money to do so. They must be truly mental. Perhaps there should be an extra tax on people who watch sport, as clearly they have more money than sense and therefore would presumably not be too bothered about being relieved of some more of it.