Thursday 22 October 2009

A jewel to protect

All sorts of people are getting very excited over the BNP being invited onto Question Time by the BBC, and unnecessarily so in my opinion. I feel so lucky that I am able to blog. Okay what I write could usually be considered to be a load of old rubbish, but at least there is nobody telling me what rubbish I can or can’t write. As long as it’s not libellous etc. etc. my blogging is censorship free.

I value that freedom, as do I value the freedom to vote. This is why I don’t agree with those that think that the BNP should not be on the telly tonight. I abhor the BNP. They are scum. But denying them access to the media, when they have legitimately won elections is tantamount to fascism. Ban the BNP and you are no better than they are!

The whole point of democracy is reasoned argument. If you lose sight of that and just want to shout someone down because you don’t agree with them then you are on a slippery slope. Only morons vote for them, but in a democracy everyone gets the vote, even morons.

I’m not sure I can be arsed to stay up and watch Question Time tonight, but if Nick Griffin’s appearance give the left a bit of focus, and galvanises them into delivering a more coherent message, then it has to be good.