Saturday 10 October 2009

If you prefer a milder comedian

"I’ll give it to you straight.
Like pear cider, made from 100% pears"

Stewart Lee is a very funny man. Probably not be everybody’s cup of tea, but he makes me and many others laugh. His comedy is clever, subtle and thought provoking, and last night, at the Norwich Playhouse, I witnessed him in action. This softly spoken, inventive comedian finds humour is some well known, believably surreal, but surprising areas. Almost as an antidote to his soft-spoken style he uses repetition to reinforce what he wants to convey, and to convey the audience to the punch line. He started the show with a very clever ‘tale’ based around Cafe Nero’s loyalty card. I never knew coffee retailing could be so funny. Soon after he was ridiculing the Top Gear team, an easy target, but he has a nice twist about being at school with Richard Hammond. His act finishing with a history of his family based around a Magners Pear cider advert. Not the stuff of lesser comedians!

This blog likes swearing. It is big and it is clever. But even though we like swearing we do find it tiresome that so many comedians rely too heavily on it for their humour. Every other word being a swear one does start to wear heavy after a while. Yes Stewart Lee swears, but not very often. He uses it to make a point but that is all. Stewart Lee doesn’t need to swear to be funny.

I left the theatre last night still with a smile on my face. I want to see Stewart Lee again. If he’s coming to a town near you I suggest you get off your arse and go and see him. Click here for his current 'if you prefer a milder comedian ask for one' tour dates.