Thursday 10 June 2010

Double dip anyone?

Recession is a cruel and merciless beast that can even be summoned just by talking it up. That’s exactly what I’m going to do now but as I’m so insignificant I’m hardly likely to influence matters. Brace yourselves another recession is coming!

Just when it appeared that we had come through the worst of the recession the blessed Tories go and get in. Unemployment and economic downturn are never far away when the Tories are in power. They have a forte for economic mismanagement which is driven by a desire to please their paymasters. And, guess what? They are at it again. This time its slightly different as the fat Conservative bully has got the snivelling little Lib-Dem spotty Herbert to hold their blazer for them while they duff up the country. Cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts. So what’s that going to do to the economy then? Cuts in the public sector are going to put people out of work. You don’t make the sort of cuts that the Tories are talking about just by relying on natural wastage. There’s talk of unemployment hitting 3 million (and it won’t stop there) but many more than that will suffer. As unemployment rises and as a consequence wages for those still in employment stagnate so the tax take will go down. At the same time social security costs will increase. The population will have less money to spend in the retail sector thus creating even more unemployment. It will be a downward spiral that will no doubt mirror the Thatcher years. The couple of years prior to the election will seem like a boom time compared to the slash and burn financial devastation that the Con-Dems have planned for us.

I hate to sound like Private Frazer in Dad’s Army but it would appear that “we’re all doomed!”

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