Tuesday 4 January 2011

The Artful Dodger

The rise in VAT is a regressive tax. That really is fact, unless of course you practice Orwellian Newspeak. Taxes on spending always hit those lower down the economic scale harder than those at the top. This is why the Tories love putting it up so much. The more you earn the less you notice the increase. Rob the poor to give to the rich is the well used and worn basis of Tory philosophy. As Ed Miliband is saying, “This increase in VAT, which kicked in at midnight, is the wrong tax at the wrong time”. You can’t argue with what Ed is saying, unless you are a money-grabbing tax-dodging Tory.

Some of the biggest reported money-grabbing tax-dodging Tories, I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to learn, sit in cabinet. That tax-increasing public-expenditure-cutting bunch of tossers that are running the economy into the ground. According to Left Foot Forward George Osborne is one of three cabinet ministers who have been accused of avoiding millions of pounds in tax, along with Andrew Mitchell (international development secretary) and Philip Hammond (transport secretary).

Today 38 Degrees planned a newspaper ad campaign - “George Osborne The Artful Dodger” - the ad highlights his alleged tax dodging antics. Unfortunately not every newspaper that they tried to advertise in was willing to take the business. Can you guess two that refused the ad?
Yes that’s right, the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. It’s not surprising that the Mail (“the paper that supported Hitler”) refused it as they are so driven by ideology, but you’d have thought that the Telegraph would have taken the cash as even though they are dyed in the wool true blue they never usually shirk from exposing misdemeanours by anyone in any party

We’re all in this together, my arse.

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