Saturday 21 May 2011

Marmite Twitter

Like Marmite Twitter divides people right down the middle. Adopters on one side and those that just don’t get it or who aren’t really interested or have never heard of it on the other. I love it. I’m semi-addicted to it. I love its serendipitousness: marrying the mundane with the witty and the incidental with world shifting.

It surely must have had an effect on the way news is disseminated. I tend to pick up on what’s happening in the news on Twitter well before I hear it on the radio or see it on the idiot box. And, as for newspapers. Well!

Not exclusively, but I do now rely on Twitter for much of my daily news intake and some amusing entertainment. If you’ve never used it give it a go, but be warned as it can take a while to ‘get it’. To begin with you will use it and not really understand what the hell is going on. But eventually if you persevere the penny drops and you won’t be able to imagine life without it. Well, you might not.

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