Thursday 12 December 2013

Festive bases covered - All for only €165.00


  1. I dunno... Rabbi with a Santa hat. Check. Santa with a menorah. Check.

    Feels like it's missing something, though. Ah, I know: An imam downing a whole bottle of gin by himself. Have a blurry Ramadan.

    Or maybe it's all just in my own blasphemous mind. Who knows?

  2. It was in a shop window in the Ghetto (the place of the original name) in Venice. I loved the incongruity.

  3. No better place for incongruity... than a segregated community. Funny how fools (EDL, the Klan, both Jewish and Islamic radicals, etc.) in the world can forget that.

    Oh, and I'm jealous. I'd love to visit Italy some time. Always wanted to see Rome, and always told Venice and Naples are gorgeous as well.