Sunday 8 December 2013

Consumed with passion

Passionate is the new awesome. It’s one of those words. Words that superficial people use when they want to put some emphasis into their justifying their existence, their mediocre lives. People claim to be passionate about nebulous stuff, like customer service, vintage wedding jewellery, contemporary dance or cupcakes (whatever the fuck they are). It’s all bollocks really!

The only thing that most people do with anything approaching passion is consume!

This afternoon whilst wandering around my local supermarket, acquiring a few essentials (these things are relative you understand) I returned to my thoughts about happiness and what it might be. I looked around at my fellow shoppers. I may well have been deceived by my perception and it is hard to tell a person’s state of mind by the way they look but the vast majority of my fellow shoppers gave out the distinct vibe of being unhappy with their lot; every man woman and child-thing. Obviously supermarket shopping is not a love of many at the best of times but this time of the year it is most definitely shite in the experience department; more joyless than normal.

This time of year!

Convention, imposed upon us by the ruling classes and then reinforced by the blinkered and brain-washed masses, dictates that as part of the Christmas ‘celebrations’ we must embark on a frenzy, nay orgy of consumption. Consumption designed to rapidly reduce our bank balances and life expectancy simultaneously. And why? What is it all for?* How many people ever really question the whole process and how absolutely unnecessary it actually is?

So many people get stressed and upset over Christmas. It causes friction between loved ones and rarely does it live up to the false expectations that are built upon the myth that is Christmas. So why do so many people persist with it? I can only assume it is perpetuated by peer pressure with people not having the courage to put their heads above the parapet and say, ‘this is all nonsense!’ We don’t have to gorge ourselves and get into debt over some giant commercial confidence trick. Set yourself free. Be happy.

Part of being happy is about to freeing yourself from the restrictive and nonsensical social norm that the sheep want to immerse themselves in. Dare to be different. The world wouldn’t end if you didn’t celebrate Christmas in fact the world would be a better place.

I don’t like Christmas. Can you tell?

*please don’t insult your or my intelligence by trotting out some religious mumbo-jumbo.


  1. BUT, PAUL!!! Super-mega-undead-carpenter-jew-two-point-oh will fly outta the sky and smite you for not believing! That is, after his dad judges you for living in this fucked-up world... that he made. Or something to that extent, I kinda quit listening after the billionth-something time it was regurgitated on me.

    There's been debate about the real meaning of Christmas since before there was even a Christmas; the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians gave themselves grief for similar reasons during their holidays.

    So far as I can tell, and according to the most trustworthy theists and atheists I've spoken with, the best "real" meaning of Christmas is simply to be thankful for what you have. Be it friends, family, community, memories, that aimless since of passion, deep religious convictions, strong political beliefs, an inquisitive mind, a colorful blog, malevolent lawn gnomes, or alcohol. That last one can be pretty fun... at least until the next morning.

    If some poor fools want to get themselves all worked up, fight, riot, build debt, and worry over a bunch of junk that will likely collect dust for the rest of the year, that's their problem. Their sad, sad, little problem. Call me a barbarian if you really want to, but I find it rather amusing watching them rip themselves asunder over simple objects.

    My advice, for whatever the hell it's worth, would be to wake up on the 25th, and do whatever makes you feel happy for the rest of the day. Fuck anybody trying to tell you otherwise.

    Wow... I really went on a rant there. Sorry for eating up all the room on your blog.

  2. That's exactly what I will do on the 25th :-)
    Thanks again my anonymous friend from across the pond. Love the comments.

  3. It gets worse every year, Paul, all these "must have" trash items and other pieces of associated tat. Everybody MUST have the perfect Christmas, when at the end of the day Christmas is just another day!

    One year I will escape the madness of it all and go somewhere far away. Alternatively, I'll find some isolated Hebrides island and escape there, with my family and the odd carefully chosen friend or two.