Wednesday 1 January 2014

New Year my arse!

The New Years Eve celebrations are as meaningless as the Christmas ones the week before. It’s all very arbitrary. People make resolutions that they rarely keep. Companies like Weight Watchers and Fitness First (other weight-loss and gymnasium companies are available) scoop up lashings of money from well intentioned punters who really haven’t thought things through. People sign up and part with their hard-earned cash expecting to lose weight and get fit by proxy; it ain't that simple. It turns out to be as much of a sham as the celebrations themselves.

So much of modern life is built on smoke and mirrors. Often just for the benefit of our masters. Distractions for the masses allow them to continue to rule and exploit.

And don’t criticise me for being an old stick in the mud and defend something that you feel to be traditional, because tradition is a very moveable feast. Until 1751 the New Year started on 25th March. Cope with that one traditional knob heads!

1 comment:

  1. Damn... was I the only one that had a good new-year?

    Everywhere I look it's either death, disease, disappointment, or... flawed fitness programs. And probably a few cases of all four combined I just haven't heard about.

    Now, go ahead and call me a hedonist,a degenerate, a simpleton, a sheep, an alcoholic, or whatever term first pops into your head, but I very much enjoyed my New Years. This is probably due to the numerous people and copious amounts of booze involved; but I've had other good New Years where both of those were lacking.

    Not that I'm disagreeing with any of your points, though. It's really just an over-hyped changing of a few digits on calendars. And my friends and I are really just some silly young yanks who will use damn near any excuse at hand to revel.

    Fitness programs and Self-help courses are the snake-oil salesmen of the modern era. They just push a more subtle poison than their Victorian counterparts/role-models.

    Traditions are solely meant for entertainment and sentimental purposes. They make people feel connected to both past and future generations. Anything else just boils down to a bunch of Russian Jews standing on rooftops. That is to say, they don't really make people feel better and they don't save them or their farms from Stalin.

    With all that said, however, I just can't help but still wish you a Happy New Year. Regardless of however-the-fuck it turns out.