Wednesday 8 January 2014

The darkest hour is just before dawn

You can’t help but absorb some of the bad vibes from around yourself, unless you are a person of iron will. I am not a person of iron will.

I have a month left to work for my current employer. On the whole I’m pleased that I’m being made redundant. Yes it means that I’m losing my income and I know not when and if I’ll be able to get another job but I loathe my job with a passion. It’s a hateful soul-destroying job that apart from a wage in no way fulfils me; so a result. Unfortunately many of my co-workers (also losing their livelihoods) are not quite as philosophical and sanguine about it. Their stress and general unhappiness manifests itself in many different forms and it rubs off. As a result I soak up some of their pain, like blotting paper.

The whole of the branch of the company I work for is being closed down, eventually. Our redundancies are staggered. Different people going at different times depending on the job that they do. I am reminded of pictures from World War One of blinded soldiers from the front shuffling along in single file one after the other a hand on the one in front and a sighted person leading the way. Hardly the same thing I know and I have no intention of playing down the horrors of war but the whole process does upset people profoundly.

We are in a queue waiting to be pushed off the edge. It’s the waiting that is the most upsetting. People want to move on.


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  1. Patience is perhaps the most difficult virtue. Especially when waiting on something as heavy as losing a job.

    "Tomorrow is only a day away"; Yeah, but it still takes all fucking day, night, and a good chunk of the morning to get here.

    With what experience I've had, I'd advice approaching this situation with a mix of both optimism and pessimism. That is, do everything in your power to keep your spirits up, but plan for the worst.

    A macabre as it sounds, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with shelters and food-lines, while at the same time keeping your eyes peeled for new opportunities around every turn.

    It's also incredibly important to remember that you're not alone in all this. Do your best to keep in contact with any co-workers you were on good terms with. Having people to talk to and connect with helps tremendously.

    I wish the best for you, Mr. Garrard. Stay strong, and stay safe.

    P.S.- Please don't let the Sensational Alex Harvey with his masked violinists and crazy eyes eat my soul. D: The man has quite the stage presence...