Friday 7 February 2014

Banking for the future

Today I made an investment in my future; a deposit at a nearby clothing bank. Pretty soon someone in Eastern Europe or the Third World could possibly be wearing my ex-work corporate clothing.

I finished work yesterday although my official leaving day is today. As of now, and for the first time in my working life of 42 years, I am redundant; unemployed; no longer required; on the scrapheap!

As I didn’t have to work today my first task was to ceremonially remove my work clothes from my life; hence the contribution to the clothing bank.

I have no idea what might lie in store for me work wise. Given that there aren’t enough jobs to go round and given my age it’s going to be very difficult to get any kind of employment I suspect. I’d be more than happy to do a series of temporary jobs or contract work if I can get something as I just really need enough to pay the bills and not much more. If at least the hint of an opportunity doesn’t present itself in the next week or two I have decided to take myself off to an industrial city and absorb myself in my art and attempt to get any job, even a minimum wage one, just to get by. I need to move forward.


  1. Charity is a wonderful thing, both when you give to, and when you need to get from.

    The number one thing to do after loosing employment is to keep yourself busy. Be it with job-hunting, charity work, art, or even political activism.

    Anything to avoid sitting around on your ass staring at a t.v. or the internet all day; that's what you've really gotta watch out for at this stage. Depression is best treated with exercise or activity.

    Stay safe out there.

  2. Thanks. I'm trying to keep busy - the government demands it!
    I spend a large proportion of my time on the internet as it is where most of the jobs are advertised.
    I don't have a mule to sit on btw