Tuesday 11 February 2014

100% Unemployment

Day two of unemployment. Going well so far. Yesterday I went out for a celebratory breakfast. The full English. I considered it a rite of passage. I also realised that if I am to survive this ordeal I need some structure to my day. So last night I set the alarm. First task of the day is a brisk walk for an hour. I need to keep up with my exercise levels. Don’t want to turn into a slob. Then I’ve spent the day searching for jobs. Trying to get to grips with the DirectGov website which is actually a pile of piss and very user unfriendly. A bit like the ConDem government so no surprises there then!

Tomorrow I have my initial ‘Job Seeker’s’ interview. Wish me luck. I think I may need it and a nosegay apparently.


  1. Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    Hope the interview when well. If not, there's always the next one...

    But what's a nosegay? Never heard that word before...

  2. It went okay thanks. A nosegay was an early masker of smells. Often an orange with cloves or some such pressed into it. The gentry carried then to hold to their noses to to counteract the smell of peasants and the rich alike.