Monday 8 May 2017

Broken Britain - Thatcher's Legacy

Towards the end of last year, a couple we are friends with gave us a small package, and sniggered as they did so. It was a commemorative plate of Margaret Thatcher. It was amongst the effects of their late mother/mother-in-law. 'Was she a fan of Thatcher?', we asked. Apparently not. She couldn't stand her. They felt sure that someone had given it to her as a joke. So why were they giving it to us we wondered? We loathed Thatcher too. Their reason for giving it to us? They felt sure we would know what to do with it. So a couple of months ago they came round to dinner, along with another couple who just happen to come from Syria.

After dinner we all trooped out to our balcony armed with our weapons of choice to deal with the porcelain pornography in a fitting and proper manner. With two cameras set up we videoed, for posterity, justice being done. And, despite being somewhat bemused by the proceedings, and not really understanding who this vile woman was, fair play to our young Syrian friends for joining in with the spirit of the event.

I've now taken that footage and mixed it with some other material to make 'Broken Britain - Thatcher's Legacy' and, with apologies for the speak your weight machine style commentary, here it is:

Also, if you are interested, here is the transcript from the video:

Broken Britain - Thatcher's Legacy

If you didn't live through the Thatcher era you possibly won't understand the contempt and loathing that the majority of right thinking people felt for what she did.

Jo Brand summed her up very well: “God, what a depressing day that was and what an irony that Britain’s first female prime minister had to be Margaret Thatcher. She was the woman who asked, ‘What has feminism ever done for me?’ Well, dear, if you need to ask that question then you’re obviously not very bright

Thatcher broke Britain. She presided over the ruination of our nation. When she entered Nº10 all decency left.

It was the era when the Tories became the Nasty Party.

So when a friend of ours came across this plate we knew exactly what to do with it.

During the Thatcher years we saw austerity and unemployment used as vindictive weapons against working people of the United Kingdom for the first time in the post-war era.

Under her premiership the economy was ruined through blatant mismanagement. Interest rates went to 15%. She destroyed much of our manufacturing industry. Sold off publicly owned utilities and other companies that earned a good income for the national exchequer. Former Tory Prime Minister Harold MacMillan likened it to selling off the family silver. Much of the council housing stock was sold thus precipitating the social housing crisis that is still being felt today. Other nastiness included the disastrous Poll Tax and the homophobic Section 28.

Speaking in 1990 Tony Benn said:
"I think Mrs Thatcher did more damage to democracy, equality, internationalism, civil liberties, freedom in this country than any other Prime Minister this century."

By the time she left office she had transformed Britain from an economically collective/culturally individual society to an inept cultural collective/economically individual one. It was every person for themselves. Survival of the fittest became the order of the day. Others continued her work, and that's why this country has become such a narrow-minded, self-centred society of hatred.
Wake up Britain!

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