Tuesday 22 July 2008

Alcohol ban

This week I will mostly be not drinking alcohol.

I’ve not had any alcohol since Saturday, and I plan to go without until Friday evening. In a normal week I like to have two or, preferably, three days without the stuff so as not to ‘overload’ my system. Of late I’ve not been having those days of abstinence. Hence it’s time to stop.

I firmly believe that it is not good for the body to consume alcohol every single day. I’m convinced that having some days without helps to detoxify the body. I suppose that it could be argued that having booze everyday helps preserve the body in a pickling sort of way, but I’m not prepared to risk that approach.

This week is not going to be easy as I’m partial to the odd glass of beer, as you may well know. I blog about real ale, and it certainly helps if you can drink the stuff. If nothing else it acts as inspiration.

My self-imposed booze ban is down to the fact that I’ve consumed rather too much recently and I’ve noticed my waistline disappearing under the dreaded beerus gutti.

Down with middle-age spread!