Friday 22 January 2010

Are you free Mr Humphrys?

I’m back listening to the Today Programme on Radio 4 of a morning. I’ve been driven back by Chris Evans. For my sins I was a Terry Wogan fan. I know he is a reactionary buffoon, but he would amuse me in the mornings. In many ways Chris Evans is a much better DJ. His professionalism and quick witted approach is streets away from those dire days of Radio 1. He is the epitome of the slick DJ, but he, like so many radio presenters, has one fault a need to talk to real people. When I turn on the radio I either want to be educated or entertained. I don’t want to listen to phone ins. I don’t want to listen to some moronic member of the public blathering on about their pointless existence. Terry Wogan didn’t need it, so why does Chris Evans? You don’t need to have a phone in to have audience participation. The joy of email over the phone call is that it is subject to editorial control and a polished delivery. I don’t want to listen to some illiterate moronic nobody gain a portion of their 15 minutes. For this reason I have deserted Radio 2 in the mornings.

To my knowledge there is only one show that just about manages to pull off the talking to a member of the general public thing, and that’s Radcliffe & Maconie. Even then it is sometimes a borderline experience. Quite honestly the world would be a better place if ‘people’ were kept off the radio.

So I have returned to the Radio 4 fold, back listening to John Humphrys and crew. I will get irritated, and I will shout at the radio, but at least I won’t have to listen to Joe Public.

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