Tuesday 16 March 2010

In praise of the midget gem

In the world of fruit, jelly and sugar based confectionery the midget gem is a jewel surpassed by none. It is the most delicious fruity sweet going. I'm not a great fan of the chocolate bar, Topics being about my favourite. When I have a sweet craving it is usually for something with a nondescript fruit bias. So its midget gems for me every time. Midget gems just tick so many boxes; they are sweet, soft, chewy, fruity and small. What’s not to like?

Very often in this life you get what you pay for. The more you pay the better the product. Not so with midget gems. Head and shoulders above any other is the Tesco Value midget gem. Not sure why that should be but it is. Fact!
They are softer than most. I’m not a big fan of hard gum. The fruit flavours are more nondescript than many of its contemporaries, to the point where I would defy anyone to pick out any recognisable fruit flavour. Far from being a failing I see these traits as being perfect for delivering maximum sweetie goodness. Ladies and gentlemen I endorse and recommend wholeheartedly to you this confection delight. Your pleasurable delectation will not be denied.


  1. Note a distinct over feed of Yellow MG's. The conveyor belt must have had a hiccup on that batch.

    Would imagine a big let down for those averse to Yellow flavoured MG's. Notice my absence of the word *lemon*.

    I won't comment on the whole Tesco thing. That would be going off on a Facist Tangent.

    Daft Lass

  2. Lardinous Craniumus18 March 2012 at 22:08

    It'll have happened in the multi-head weigher area before it hit the vertical form fill and seal machine. In nature distribution is never equal. The same applies to Midget Gems. And you're not as daft as you make out ;-)