Thursday 6 May 2010

Wotsa Grecian urn?

I abhor violence. There is no excuse for what happened to those poor people who lost their lives due to the fires started during the protests in Athens yesterday. That doesn’t mean I have no sympathy for those protesting, because I do sympathise. I sympathise greatly. They have every right to be angry, but it does need to remain peaceful.

There is true injustice in the world when rich people can plunge the world into financial disarray and not be penalised financially for it. It is only ever the little people that suffer, and the poorer you are the more you suffer. Is it right that low paid government workers should suffer and have to foot the bill for the financial mess that the rich and powerful have created? No of course it isn’t. It can never be right, proper or fair. If a country like Greece, Portugal or even the UK is in a financial crisis, a financial crisis that has been caused by banks, financial institutions and the wealthy that ultimately control them then they are the ones that should pay first. Taxation needs to be applied to those that can afford to pay, namely the wealthiest strata in society, the top five, ten or twenty per cent depending on how much cash is needed. Start at the top and make sure that you don’t work all the way down.

I don’t doubt that there are some very rich people in Greece. They are the ones that should cough up first, and not the low paid. It’s about time we in Europe adopted some financial justice.

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