Wednesday 30 November 2011


I work in the private sector. I don’t begrudge what public sector workers earn or the pension benefits that they receive. It shouldn’t be about reducing pensions so that we are all poorly provided for. It should be about improving living standards and pension provision across the board. There are some extremely wealthy people in this country. People in power, the rich got us into this mess. It is down to the rich to get us out of it. They need to dig deep into their pockets.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog Paul. Nice to see that you are one private sector worker who hasn't been hoodwinked by the government's propaganda machine which has cunningly attempted to portray public sector workers as the beneficiaries of state-funded golden retirements.

  2. Thanks. There are many elightened people in the private sector many of whom are being shat on from a great height.

  3. Some of us remember the unilateral pension holidays that the private sector took in the 80s because the funds were that 'overheated' they would last forever. Much better to divert that cash to shareholder dividends they said. You never hear anyone mention on the TV, radio or newspapers these days though do you?