Saturday 24 March 2012

I have a dream...

Well, actually, to be precise I had a dream. And, I can already hear a voice saying “how very PG is that?” Last night I dreamt that I wandered into a baker’s. Possibly in Bury St Edmunds. Their speciality, their signature bun so to speak, was an Eccles cake. Not a comestible you naturally associate with Suffolk I’ll grant you, but in dreams all is possible. Anyway this was no ordinary Eccles cake. First up it was the size of a dustbin lid; extraordinary in itself. And as if the size was not enough to contend with, inspiration had been drawn from the traditional Cornish pasty, in as much as the giant Eccles cake was half savoury and half sweet. The sweet half was your normal Eccles cake with the dried fruit filling and the sugar on top. In the other half it was cheese, but also with the sugar on top; hmmm, a combination to work at.

Sadly in my dream I never got to try this cutting edge pastry, as when I arrived home the lady and our guest had been out buying all manner of breads and cakes, which for some reason we had to eat first. By the time we got around to the giant Eccles cake it was stale and considered past its best. Oh well, another dream perhaps?


  1. *I heard that Paul Garrard!... Pardon?*

    Typical of Over Portrayed Eccles Cakes is that, They've no sense of reality, they.. they.. they've no sense of practicality..

    Stale and past it's best eh? Better it was only a dream then is an unfit comestible...(contradiction in terms for pedants is that)

    The Jennifer Eccles reply will keep for another bit of bloggy banter


  2. I didn't know you cared PJ.

    Contradition, oxymoron or both I wonder?

    I am braced for the JE banter.