Monday 30 April 2012

We’re only making plans for Nigel

It doesn’t do to be complacent but up to now thankfully Britain has never really had any truck with fascists in government. Yes the BNP has had some very minor electoral success but what little popularity they had is waning. I don’t think they were ever a serious threat to our way of life. But as I say you can’t be complacent.

We have some friends in France. We will be visiting them in a few weeks time. They are a French family. During the last French presidential elections they were horrified at the popularity of Le Pen. They ended up voting for Sarkozy even though they didn’t want to. They felt it necessary to do so to make sure the fascist didn’t get elected. It’s frightening how popular Le Pen junior is now. It’ll be interesting to see how they feel about the current state of French politics.

Nationalism is an abhorrent emotion. It is the politics of the shallow mind. Insularity never does a population any good whatsoever. For me the ideals of a collective EU are far better than an isolated England*. Yes I know Europe isn’t perfect but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for those collective ideals; much better than turning our backs and becoming ‘Little Englanders’. I don’t have a very high opinion of UKIP as I’m sure you can imagine. I have always thought of them as a bunch of dysfunctional renegade Tories. It’s what they are after all. At worst I’ve thought them a joke; at best they take votes from the Tories. But I’m now thinking this is a mistake. UKIP are a problem. A big problem. UKIP need to be afforded the same attention by the left as the BNP. The only difference between the UKIP and the BNP is that the former have sharper suits, more money and went to posh private schools and the latter are a rag tag bunch of social misfits, retired sergeants and assorted Neanderthals. Their respective messages essentially are not that different.

Beware the sinister souls in yellow and purple. Beware the Farage posse!

*I use this term because I know that the Irish, Scots and Welsh have far more sense than turn their backs on Europe.

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