Friday 14 December 2012

Fine and Godless

According to the latest census without religion is fast becoming the new norm, thankfully. It’s where a lot of the good people hang out. Religion doesn’t have exclusivity over caring. In fact I would say that it’s easier to care without the constraints of religion. Religion is judgemental. Caring as a compassionate human being can be judgement free. Religion should never be a default position. Caring should.

I was pleased and surprised to hear about, and then read the headline “Census shows Norwich 'least religious city' in England and Wales”. The BBC online article is written, I notice, by someone I’ve conversed with on Twitter @jonmwelch. I am pleased that I live in such a fine city and that I am one of that number of atheists. It would also appear that 783 of the inhabitants are Jedi Knights although they must keep themselves to themselves. “Have you got a light sabre? No but I’ve got a dark brown epée.” Boom boom! Norwich is a fine city and all the better for being ‘godless’.

As I’ve said before religion is a matter of personal choice. Anyone who proselytises, indoctrinates or forces their religious beliefs on others is godless in the extreme. Brainwashing your children with your beliefs is tantamount to child abuse. I thought that Richard Harries got it right this morning with his Thought for the day.

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