Tuesday 2 February 2010

Honest politics

I’m a socialist and not ashamed to admit it. I’ll grant you that my take on socialism could well be seen as a warped version, but essentially it is socialism.

I, as you could imagine, don’t care much for Tories. But as a democrat I recognise that they are entitled to their beliefs and I would respect anyone who says that they are Tory and proud. I will probably never agree with what they believe, but I’ll respect them if they are honest about their politics.

Unfortunately there are many people who seem too afraid to admit that they are Tories. Too ashamed to put their heads above the parapet, for fear of being laughed at no doubt. It is strange that this should be the case, especially as they have been in the ascendancy in the polls. But I suppose old habits die hard, as this trait has a long history. I was born and raised in Suffolk. West Suffolk at that. A True Blue county where, if you were Tory, and you sort election, winning was assured. Even in such a safe Tory part of the country some people still had trouble owning up to their political allegiances. They would stand as independents in local elections. Strangely the Tory party would not stand against them, strangely they would get elected, and not so surprisingly they would vote with the Tories on virtually all matters.

These days closet Tories employ all manner of pseudonyms and guises with which to hide behind, but they are easy to spot. First give away is that they will refer to the Labour Party or representatives thereof as ‘Socialists’, when as any sane person knows, not all in the Labour Party are necessarily so. But then closet Tories are not exactly great thinkers or masters of deep political understanding. They will go on at great length about choice, freedom and liberty. They will often claim to be so-called ‘libertarians’. In reality they are anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-democracy, anti-Europe, anti-environment, anti-equality, anti-inclusive, anti-justice, anti-peace, and above all anti-society. Their true agenda is one of pro-exploitation and pro-oppression. They don’t like the law if it interferes with their true agenda but they are only too willing to call for stiff penalties for those that transgress against their way of life.
They are without morals. They are the latter day equivalent of the spiv.

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