Tuesday 1 May 2012

Dear Diary Nº2

Hello again Dear Diary. I expect you are quite shocked. You don’t hear from me for thirty two years and then like buses two entries come along almost at once.

You’ll recall that the last time we met I mentioned 1974. It was a very significant year. I’ve already recorded some of the reasons for its significance but there were other reasons. We’ll gloss over the nocturnal near miss and go straight to the music. One of the short-lived group of friends, the one I am now in contact with now, is a Yorkshire man. At the time he mentioned a local band to watch out for. He was convinced they were destined for greater things. Their first album was released in that very year. The band in question was Be Bop Deluxe and that first album was called Axe Victim.

I was hooked from the first play and have been a firm Bill Nelson fan ever since. Rather unfairly at the time they were criticised as being a little too Bowie-esque. Be Bop Deluxe went through several line-up changes and five albums in its history, finally transmogrifying into Bill Nelson’s Red Noise for one album before Bill deigned to dream in colours and go solo. I was lucky enough to see Be Bop Deluxe on their Modern Music tour. Modern Music being their fourth album. Their biggest hit single was Ships In The Night.

I always felt that Bill Nelson has never had the recognition he deserves. Not only is he a great songwriter but an absolutely brilliant guitarist as well. Any bit as good as many of the so-called greats. His music has always stood me in good stead over the years.

I’m always looking for the next exciting thing musically. Sometimes good stuff comes along but real wows are few and far between. But I continue to search. It keeps me young.

I have no idea what music will manifest itself this year but despite that I think this is going to be a year to remember one way and another DD

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  1. Hello PG

    although I remember *ships In The Night* very well, hadn't full explored this band and his solo talent until lately.

    Usually find, when these artists and musicians move away from the spotlight and if they are lucky enough to carry on with their craft, they hone skills on and I personally think, top success can't always be the rewards of their talent, sadly.

    Only have to see some of the mediocrity that's peddled against some of the brilliance out there delighting audiences in the smaller gigs around about.

    Have you heard Be Bop De luxe - Blue As a Jewel? Silly me, of course you will have being a fan.

    Nice to see your optimism for the coming year.

    I'm down with Ian Anderson....Life's a Long Song.. and I reckon he knew a thing or two about Long Songs..

    He can keep that balancing on one leg caper..I like both my feet planted firmly on terra firma myself